Comic book cosplay has come a long way. Even if you can't own fully operation versions of Iron Man's suitcase armor or a War Machine suit, you can still come pretty close visually, and the latest conquest in DIY imitation Stark technology cosplay to find a spotlight on the Internet is definitely this hand-mounted repulsor beam.

As the device's creator Chein posted on his blog at, it may not destroy anything, but it operates on high voltage and creates "intense light," so while it won't take out a tank, it may cause people to think you're taking their picture if it's pulled out and activated suddenly.

There's a good reason for that, too, because part of the project is a charging module from an old Fujifilm camera. Witness its majesty in the extremely dramatic video that the tinker has put together and you may be even more blown away by its likeness to the props used in Jon Favreau's films. Looking at what it took for Chein make his repulsor, you have to wonder if Favreau may have been overcharged.

[Via Gizmodo]