May is just a few short months away, meaning that Tony Stark's big screen return is close at hand. As such, we're about to witness the onslaught of "Iron Man 2" related merchandise. War Machine action figures and Iron Man Minimates have already been well publicized, but a new wave of Minimates has piqued my curiosity quite a bit.

Over at io9, new images of "Iron Man 2" Minimates from Diamond Select Toys have arrived, showing off the first glimpse at Justin Hammer, the corporate creep played by Sam Rockwell in the film. More importantly, however, is the inclusion of a variety of Assault Drones - five different types, to be exact.

Why so interesting, you ask? The recent "Iron Man 2" trailer closes with Tony and Rhodey teaming up against an army of surrounding machines that look an awful lot like Iron Man. The scene goes rather quick and detailed images aren't exactly easy to find, but it looks like these Minimate photos are our best glimpse yet into one of the major factions of "Iron Man 2" villains.

Frankly, I don't think Stark's got much to worry about. These bad guys are pretty darn small.