There seems to be a memetic resurgence of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lately. We've had someone pimp out their ride to resemble the party wagon seen in the classic Turtles animated series; someone went through the trouble of animating our childhood arguments over the Pizza Power health upgrade from one of the old arcade games; and some guys got together to create a low budget, shot-for-shot live action version of the animated series' opening credit sequence. So it's probably fitting that martial artist Steven Ho, who performed ninja stunts in the Donatello suit in two TMNT films, has filmed a stand-up comedy performance where he describes wearing the Donatello head (and nothing else) in an effort to seduce his wife.A veteran Hollywood stuntman, trainer and fight choreographer, Steven Ho may be best known to ComicsAlliance readers for his appearances on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, where he frightened and pummeled O'Brien on several occasions. Ho later appeared in a Funny or Die clip where he portrayed "Asian Conan" fighting "Asian Jay Leno" in a street brawl, which presumably led to the stand-up routine seen in the video.

In the bit, Ho explains that his wife, Los Angeles interior designer Nina Petronzio, has a superhero-based sexual fantasy that he attempted to fulfill by wearing nothing but the Donatello head, which looks extremely creepy separated from its body. Watch the video (which contains not-safe-for-work language) and judge the jokes for yourself.

[Via Topless Robot]