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On October 20, 2007 hundreds of artists and writers across the globe will take up pencil and pen and work for 24 straight hours to produce a complete 24 page comic book. Thousands of fans have participated throughout the years. Some have finished, many have not.

Last year a handful of participants were looking for a little extra incentive to get them through the late hours so they devised a plan to collect pledges for every page completed and donate the money to The Hero Foundry's a nonprofit charity whose mission is putting comic books into schools, libraries, and hospitals and with these comics inspire the youth of today to be the heroes of tomorrow. Together the volunteers earned a little more than a thousand dollars. This money went to endowments of graphic novels and comics to several libraries across the United States.

"The thought of the good that comes from The Hero Foundry's work coupled with the fear of letting down those who pledged money to see me finish was more than enough to pull through the sleep deprivation and creative lulls," said Edward Priddy who participated last year at Titan Comics in Dallas, Texas.

This year The Hero Foundry is hoping to more than double the amount from last year and is asking that any artists or comic fans that are participating in this year's 24 Hour Comic Book Day to collect pledges for every page they complete.

"Last year during the event we saw people from all over the states, all walks of life, and who were not just comic book fans pledging to The Hero Foundry's cause. It was refreshing to see the community outside of the comic book world becoming involved with the idea of using comics as an inspirational medium," said Lance Shankles The Hero Foundry Vice President.

As an incentive and reward for their dedication, and creative spirit every artist and creator who participates and collects $50 will receive a Hero Foundry button, $100 a Hero Foundry T-shirt, $250 a 1 day pass to Wizard World Texas, and $500 a full weekend pass to Wizard World Texas (November 16-18, 2007).

Pledge forms are available at:

For more information on whom you can support with pledges or if you would like to participate please email The Hero Foundry at:

You can also check our MySpace page at for current updates on what artist are participating and what comic shops are hosting Drawing For Tomorrow Events.