Yesterday, Karla Pacheco and Steve LeCouilliard launched a brand new comic called Dreadful Sirens based on real female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Read, which their website promises will be updated weekly at It is pretty darn NSFW (even the website before you get to the comics is NSFW) but also pretty great. Dreadful Sirens is a webcomic in that it is on the web, but you have a few options to view it, including reading or downloading through Gumroad and their pay-what-you-like option. This way you can get great, entertaining, apparently misandrist comics for a price you can afford!

The first issue is a smutty, hilarious, entertaining romp that opens the door to a great deal of swashbuckling action. It's a quick-paced read that won't take even the slowest, most careful of readers very long. A big part of that is that most of the issue is one action-packed scene. Pacheco's dialogue is snappy and the art flows really well --- even with colors over pencils, it feels clear and dynamic.

The site also currently has a ton of interesting looks behind the scenes of the comic, including nude character sketches and page thumbnails. The creators have been posting the images since November of last year to tease the project, and it certainly doesn't disappoint.

The real women this story is based on lived a wild life and were the most notorious female pirates in history. Given how many adventures the real women had in their lifetimes, it's possible this comic could go on for quite a while. Fans of history, tough ladies, smut, "misandry," and swashbuckling should be sure to check it out.