The Incredible Hulk comic book image
Movies based on Marvel characters are a funny thing – they either totally suck (Daredevil, Punisher) or are totally awesome (X2). Personally, I HATED the Hulk movie that came out a few years ago. It sucked, sucked, sucked. The story was lame, the effects were terrible, their idea of making shots look like comics panels without bothering to realize that comics panels go in order made parts of the movie look like a retarded episode of 24, and most importantly there was very little of the Hulk smashing stuff. So yeah, I didn't like the movie. Hulk Dogs? Really?

The news that plans were underway to correct this mistake with a new Hulk movie were encouraging, but I was still skeptical ... that is, I was skeptical until yesterday when the news broke that Ed Norton has signed on to play Bruce Banner A.K.A. The Incredible Hulk.
Ed NortonNorton is totally perfect for this role and brings a real presence to the franchise. The good news is that we've been promised much more action in this sequel with the film beginning with Banner already on the run from the law. Director Louis Leterrier is an interesting choice. He's been responsible for both Transporter movies and the underrated Jet-Li flick, Danny the Dog (Unleashed in the U.S.). The Hulk seems a little big for him, but he does know action so I'm willing to bet he can pull it off. Either way, the addition of Norton is enough to give us something to look forward to. Fingers crossed.