Marginalized Stars Wars characters such as Max Rebo and Nien Nunb may not have received their share of screen time in George Lucas' epic film franchise, but they are plenty good enough to get the children's modeling putty treatment from sculptor Elliott Quince. Quince has celebrated more than a dozen of the galaxy's weirdest looking humans and aliens, and he'll even sell you his book, Plasticine Tatooine, if you ask nicely.His snappily titled website at boasts beautiful up-close photos of his masterpieces, along with short, fan-fiction passages that dare to speculate about their most intimate thoughts. (Max Rebo's is really quite touching.)

Some of them are real teasers, too. For instance, we really want to know what R5-D4's other option was that made playing a droid with a bad motivator seem like his best option. Stare into R5's metal soul along with many others below. You may even feel closer to Ponda Baba by the time you're done.

[Via io9]