Life isn't always super for superheroes. The bad guy busting can go badly, and one's dual identity lifestyle can interfere with the continued establishment of meaningful relationships. These are well-documented problems associated with crime-fighters, and while they're certainly among the worst of the bunch, they aren't the only difficulties that Batman, Superman and the rest of them face.

Sometimes, a superhero's biggest obstacle comes in the form of a sink filled with dirty dishes.

In a series of photographic comic strips, Super Not So Super highlights the occasionally mundane and tiresome existence that superheroes face every day. No, it's not always about battling laser-shooting aliens or gas-equipped criminals -- every once in a while, there are bills to be paid and elaborate costumes to be ironed.

It's kind of like the complaint that "24" fans often shout, that we never see Jack Bauer use the bathroom or stop for lunch. Well, the reason we don't see any of that is because we want to believe our heroes are stronger than us, that they don't need to accomplish the basic day-to-day activities we normal folks must endure.

Well, now you're getting a look at the man behind the curtain. Now you know that The Flash passes out early some nights after a long day of crime-fighting, and even Supergirl has to break out the vacuum cleaner every once in a while.

It's not glamorous by any stretch, but hey, you asked for it.

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