Masters of the Universe toys shows up on ComicsAlliance all the time. Artists who love muscles and screwball character designs love them. However, we've never seen anyone dissect Eternia's meatiest male quite like artist Ewen Stenhaus. Stenhaus assembled a He-Man wallpaper image that peels Prince Adam's alter ego apart piece by piece, and it's a thing of beauty.
More electric colors and rocking young subjects can be seen in on Stehaus' website. His figures have all the elasticity and spunk of a Dan Hipp sketch, but he occasionally veers off into some trippy underground comix-looking places and experiments with color palettes that look like they were lifted off of Chris Ware prints.

His Teen Wolf and superhero tributes, as well as a pair eyebrows that could pass for a mustache await you after the jump. Enjoy the art, and check out his Society6 page if you think you might want to invest in a print.