The globetrotting Tim Drake has spent the better part of the past year searching for his dead/not dead/time-displaced mentor dad, avoiding assassins and making moves on the current brains behind the Wayne family fortune's daughter - all under the shared mantle of a higher-end burger joint. Now, as current writer Christopher Yost prepares to depart the book, fans should be relieved to know that the changing of the guard to former Robin scribe Fabian Nicieza will only pick up where Yost leaves off.

DC's The Source reports Nicieza will join current RR artist Marcus To on the title starting with issue #13 this June, reuniting the creator with Tim Drake.

Here's what Nicieza had to say about taking on the series:

"I was reading Chris Yost's first year on the series with jealous admiration in that he was doing a great job, getting to work with an excellent young artist in Marcus To and getting to move Tim through the darkness into a better place as a way of natural story evolution!"

As a longtime Robin reader, it's a bit reassuring to know this past story arc isn't scheduled for an overhaul. The title's seen its share of massive changes and false starts thanks to its unfortunate status as a sometime tie-in title for events over the years and Yost's run has been a nice change of pace. If Nicieza's plans for the title hold up, it'll be nice to see Drake continue progressing.[Via The Source]