Fabletown is getting hyphy in February, with no fewer than three major issues coming at you from Bill Willingham's unstoppable Eisner-winning Vertigo franchise. There's the new Cinderella miniseries, the final issue of Jack of Fables, and the launch of a new Fables storyline that finds Fabletown infested with what appear to be... superheroes?

More info and images after the jump.As confirmed on Friday at Vertigo's Graphic Content blog, February will see the debut of Cinderella: Fables are Forever, the second miniseries starring Fabletown's most darling spy. Cover artist Chrissie Zullo returns as cover artist for the mini, which will be written by Chris Roberson.

Vertigo also revealed what's labeled as a "preliminary cover" to Jack of Fables #50, a typically excellent illustration by Brian Bolland depicting the most idiosyncratic Fable of them all hitting the road for parts unknown on the occasion of his series' conclusion.

Most curiously, Graphic Content announced "Super Group," a new Fables storyline beginning in issue #102 that would seem to introduce the capes-and-tights concept to the Vertigo mainstay.

Now, we all know that Fables already have magical powers and use them, well, in their own clothes. So why has Pinocchio suddenly got it in his head that he needs to design tight fitting costumes for a carefully selected team of Fables? In fact, why was the little brat caught looking over his own comic book collection, mumbling things like, "We can call him Werewolf Man, and he can be the Golden Knight, and she can be called The Green Witch?"

The cover by Joao Ruas shows Ozma of Oz in a bit of an appropriately old timey superhero flavor.

All these Fables teases come just a few days after Vertigo confirmed the brimming-with-awesome contents of Fables #100, which includes a ten-page story illustrated by Bill Willingham himself.