As the Gulf of Mexico continues to suffer the adverse effects of the BP Oil Spill, Aspen Comics, publisher of Michael Turner's "Fathom," have put their aquatic heroine on the front lines this September with a new 10-page charity comic. Written by Aspen Publisher Vince Hernandez with art by Slya Oum, the digital-only release (which will be available through outlets such as ComiXology) will center on Fathom's response to wildlife hit by the disaster.

Hernandez broke down the charity effort at Newsarama:

"Like everyone else, we saw what was happening with the Gulf of Mexico, and since Fathom is based in an underwater world, it seemed like a perfect fit for us," said Vince Hernandez, editor-in-chief at Aspen Comics, publisher of Fathom. "We wanted to not only talk about the disaster in the comic, but we wanted to benefit the cause. So all proceeds raised by Aspen with this digital comic will go to the National Wildlife Federation."

See the charity comic's full cover after the jump.

[Via Newsarama]