G4's Fresh Ink! Online gets a rare two-pick split this episode as host Blair Butler decides to select two of her favorite comics for her pick of the week. But which two comics out of a selection that includes Jennifer Blood, Uncanny X-Force, Uptight, Who is Jake Ellis?, Superman/Batman, The Magdalena, Morning Glories and G.I. Joe: Cobra won it out?

Blair was also kind enough to point out her favorite ComicsAlliance post of the week, spotlighting the ongoing "Best Art Ever (This Week)" galleries assembled by our own Andy Khouri.

Hit the jump to find out which books won out in this week's Fresh Ink! Online.
Geoff Boucher from the LA Times Hero Complex blog also joins the fray and expands on his love of crime comics with his pick, Noche Roja, by Simon Oliver and Jason Latour.

Check out this week's episode below: