At the risk of sounding cantankerous, there was a time when obnoxious comic book covers came in only two flavors: foil or hologram. Now, using a process only Tony Stark could have invented, Marvel is forging those two great tastes with – you guessed it – part foil, part hologram covers atop all three of its new Ultimate titles.

Following the "Ultimatum" storyline that effectively wiped out most of the Ultimate Marvel universe, the line is being relaunched with three brand new books out this August and September. Leading the charge are "Ultimate Comics Avengers #1" by Mark Millar and Chris Pacheco, "Ultimate Comics Spider-Man" by Brian Bendis and David LaFuente, and "Ultimate Comics Armor Wars" by Warren Ellis and Steve Kurth (with foil cover by Brandon Peterson).

Each title bears Marvel's controversial $3.99 single-issue cover price, but sentimental folks probably won't mind paying up for the sparkly incentive. Keep in mind that these are only variant covers, but it's still a nice bit of nostalgia for fans that came of age during the speculation bust of the early '90s. Might I suggest following this up with Ultimate Comics Pogs?