So I saw "300" last night...

While I was waiting for the movie to start I remembered that I'd only read the original series as monthly comics back when they were first coming out and I never re-read the hardcover. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I didn't recall a whole lot about the story. I decided that was probably a good thing, since I did have the distinct memory that I didn't like 300 when I read it.

So without spoiling anything for you I can say this:

I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. First and foremost - it is gorgeous to look at. The effects are insanely well done and manufactured in a way that is unique without being an over-stylized distraction. The movie is also really, really violent. Not as violent as it could have been, but I'm betting my threshold for that kind of stuff may be a bit higher than most. The action scenes alone would be worth the price of admission.

The only real negative is that there just isn't much story and the constant "WEEEE AREEEE SPARTAAAAAA!!!!" screaming gets to be a little much. This isn't even really a negative, just something that you'll notice.

This movie should do very well at the box-office this week. Frat boys are going to love this. So will you.