Whether he's scratching out video game concept artwork, lighting up some raging Ghostbusters action or just sketching out the Thing for fun, Frank Teran's the kind of artist worth watching. Of course, given his famed concept artwork from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, you may have already played some of his handiwork without even knowing it. Whether your favorite place to take in art is through comics, pop culture pinups or games, you'll definitely want to check out a cross section of what Teran's got cooking.
Teran says that he drew the black and white version his recently colored Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pin-up more than a decade ago. He's got an excellent handle on how to make colors pop, though, and you'd never know the piece was old looking at it in the context of his more recent work.

Teran's organic looking figures occasionally resemble some of the more chilling creations of Sam Kieth, but he knows when to keep his shapes tight, too. He's got a Doctor Doom piece that looks like it could have come from the hand of Guy Davis himself, and he paints a flaming scarred-up Wolverine with the best of them. His frequent postings on his blog at FrankTeran.blogspot.com have all the pop culture goodness you need to refresh regularly, although his works can be savored as well.

Check out Teran's work below: