Had nice conversations with Tony Millionaire, nee of Maakies, Sock Monkey and Billy Hazelnuts fame, and Dave Herman, voice actor extraordinaire whose animation credits include Futurama, American Dad, Bee Movie and the upcoming Drinky Crow Show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim next spring at a signing hosted last Saturday at nationally reknowned Austin Books and Comics.

If Dave's name doesn't ring a bell with you, no doubt you'll remember his unforgettable collaborations with the wicked funny Mike Judge on the Texas comedy of record, King of the Hill, and his film roles as the Secretary of State in Idiocracy and the non-musically inclined Michael Bolton in the classic Office Space. Catch up on Dave's post-Office Space career in this great interview with Lumino, just one of 11 done with all of the principal actors in this seminal office comedy for the ages.

And, Millionaire is just as warm and funny and normal in person (a doting dad to two little girls) as his Maakies strips are wonderful and depraved and hilarious.