Marvel and DC both go to great pains in order to get their characters to live in the same worlds. Artist Eric Poulton, however, one-ups both of them with a planet-sized piece of pixel art that could pass for its own MS-DOS-era PC game. Full of hot lava, the secrets of Easter Island and an underground zombie research lab, his world packs in a compressed set of layers that will tickle your game-loving pupils.
Poulton posts his work on his website This gigantic creation, titled "Underneath It All," sort of answers that question, since it resembles a giant eyeball. It will immediately draw your eyeballs to the center of its action, where his planet's core consists of two hamsters running around a wheel really fast.

We won't vouch for the science behind that ecosystem, but we will direct you to zoom in and examine every level of this pixelated wonderland.

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Flipped Version

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