Hitman Vol. 4: Ace of Killers CoverSo I was reading Rich Johnston's Lying In The Gutters column over at Comic Book Resources and I was struck by a very, very good point that he made.

While many of us are standing around waiting for the temporarily-on-hiatus Garth Ennis series The Boys to continue, Rich is taking up the cause for another missing Ennis classic: Hitman.

I'll come clean and say that I'm a biased party when it comes to Garth Ennis because I think Preacher is a masterpiece and his Punisher comics are spectacular. But Hitman was a really, really good comic that shouldn't be out of print by any stretch of the imagination.

Spinning out of a particularly lame cross-over "event," Hitman began as part of a Demon annual. But the character evolved quickly under Ennis and, when he got his own book, soon became one of the best titles on the market.

The basic premise is that a good-willed, but less than perfect hitman gets superpowers (kind of) and is soon off killing D-list super-villains and running afoul of the heroes in the DC Universe. Over time the series featured hilarious romps such as "Zombie Night At The Gotham Aquarium" and really strong tales of loyalty and friendship. It's awesome stuff.

As Rich points out, the entire series was never collected in TP and what was collected is long out of print. There is also an unpublished JLA cross-over that was supposed to see the light of day in JLA: Classified and a few other odds and ends out there. So I'm joining the cause and urging you to seek out Hitman and then ask DC for more. Better yet, have your comic store ask DC for TPs. You can thank us later.