Press Release

The DEADWORLD RPG is based upon Gary Reed's DEADWORLD comic, previously published by Caliber Comics and Image Comics, and soon to be released through Desperado Publishing. One of the forerunners of the zombie comic, DEADWORLD was an early work of artist Vincent Locke who went on to work on DC/Vertigo's SANDMAN and A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE, recently made into a major motion picture.

DEADWORLD will utilize the first BRP license Chaosium has given out For it's upcoming BASIC ROLEPLAYING: THE CHAOSIUM D100 SYSTEM to release later this year.

Seraphim Guard plans to release the DEADWORLD RPG in fall 2008, at the Wizard World Chicago comic convention.

"We expect this to be a lot of fun" says Dustin Wright, of Chaosium Inc. "Zombies and Basic Roleplaying, what's not to love?"

"I have been a fan of the BRP system since I picked up a CALL OF CTHULHU boxed set back in high school," says Christopher Helton co-owner and Creative Director of Seraphim Guard. "I am excited and extremely enthused to be able to be designing something using the system that has given me so many hours (and years) of enjoyment."

"Even though Deadworld has been licensed for apparel, CDs, masks, and other products, this is the one I find the most exciting," says Gary Reed owner of DEADWORLD and many other former Caliber Comics Properties. "Deadworld fans have been clamoring for a role playing game for over a decade so I'm sure they're just as excited as I am about it."