Who doesn't love LEGO? We certainly love LEGO. But what me love even more are LEGO hackers, the people of Earth who are not content to allow the forces of intellectual property licensing to stifle their creativity. Fortunately they are legion, and many of them share our fondness for comics and animation. Among these tinkerers is a man called B. Ezra. He comes from Long Beach, California, and he is a prodigious maker of LEGO MOCs (My Own Creation, as they say in the hardcore LEGO scene, y'all). Some of Ezra's custom mods include Astro Boy, Batman and Captain America, among other impressively geeky works. We've collected a few of our favorites for you below.

The Octan Batmobile


The Dark Knight of the Dark Arts


The Batwing of Hogwart's


Octan TIE Interceptor

Despicable Me

Mario Mario


Astro Boy

For more of Ezra's MOCs, check out his dedicated Flickr profile.

[Via Super Punch]