NBC is developing a TV adaptation of writer Joe Harris and artist Steve Rolston's Ghost Projekt comic book, originally published by Oni Press in 2010. The five-issue series followed U.S. weapons inspector Will Haley and Russian federal investigator Anya Romanova as they attempted to track down Soviet-era weapons stolen from a research facility in Siberia. What starts as a post-Cold War spy thriller quickly takes a supernatural turn.

Harris's other work includes Great Pacific at Image and the X-Files Season 10 comic for IDW, plus contributions to DC's Batman books and Marvel's X-books. He also wrote the screenplay for the 2003 horror movie Darkness Falls, and a prequel comic for the film's story published by Dark Horse. Rolston's works include Mek with Warren Ellis, Pounded with Brian Wood and Emiko Superstar with Mariko Tamaki.

This is the second time Ghost Projekt has been considered for TV. SyFy planned a mini-series adaptation in 2011, around the same time it was eyeing up a series based on Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt's The Sixth Gun comic. SyFy later passed on both. The Sixth Gun moved to NBC and got as far as a pilot, but the network did not pick up the series.

Now that Ghost Projekt has followed The Sixth Gun's trajectory from SyFy to NBC, Oni Press and its media development arm Closed On Mondays must be keeping their fingers crossed that history does not exactly repeat itself. NBC has commissioned a pilot from writer John Glenn (presumably not the senator/astronaut) and director André Øvredal, who brought the world the cult movie Trollhunter - a natural choice for sinister goings-on in snowy Arctic Circle wastelands.

The Ghost Projekt developments follows the recent news that Ellen Page plans to star in an adaptation of another Oni property, Queen & Country by Greg Rucka. The first arc of that series was also illustrated by Rolston.

[Via Deadline]