Monolith Productions' upcoming Gotham City Impostors has rolled out yet another promo video demonstrating its fake Batman vs. fake Joker FPS action, this time around emphasizing the game's customization options that prove its "For every player, there's an impostor" tag line. There's all kinds of reasons for Batfans to continue scratching their head about the game's premise, but as shooters go, the gameplay seems to be shaping up rather nicely. Sure, a lot of the dialogue will sit best with the "T for Teen" crowd (or Pegi 16), but from a weapons standpoint there look to be some really creative gadgets in the mix. Bear traps? Toys with tasers? Everything seems like a plausible component of the Joker's armory, although Batman will still want to pummel the fools using his symbol in the name of murder. See what you think of the new Gotham City Impostors video after the jump.

[Via Joystiq]