Marvel’s premiere super-team The Avengers have had more than a hundred members since they first assembled in Stan Lee and Jack Kirby‘s Avengers #1 in 1963. The initial roster of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man and Wasp has expanded over the decades to include multiple mutants, monsters, gods, aliens, super soldiers, and robots — and the occasional extra Ant-Man, or Iron Man, or Hulk.

With Avengers: Age of Ultron just around the corner, interest in these heroes has never been greater, so we’ve decided to pit all the official comic book Avengers against each other in a battle for your affections. Who is the greatest, best, favorite Avenger of all time? Only you can decide.

We’ve created voting groups that mix up different eras of Avengers membership. Group G features Captain America again, but a different one. How will Bucky fare against the last of our original movie Avengers, Hawkeye, and a guy who might be a future movie Avenger, Spider-Man? And do Silverclaw and Sunfire stand a chance in this sort of company? The top two or three Avengers will go through to the next round, so vote tactically!

  • Alexis the Protector

    Created by Sam Humphries and Andre Lima Araujo

    Joined the team in Avengers A.I. #3

    Highly adaptive artificial intelligence

    Doesn't run Shockwave Flash

    David Marquez, Frank D'Armata
  • Ben Grimm/Thing

    Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

    Joined the team in West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #9 (June 1986)


    Had an Aunt Petunia long before that Potter kid

    Played by Michael Chiklis; to be played by Jamie Bell

    Jack Kirby
  • Clint Barton/Hawkeye, etc

    Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck

    Joined the team in Avengers #16 (May 1965)


    No, but, he makes it cool, right?

    Played by Jeremy Renner

    David Aja
  • Daisy Johnson/Quake

    Created by Brian Michael Bendis and Gabriele Dell'Otto

    Joined the team in Avengers vol. 4 #19 (November 2011)


    Is not Maria Hill

    Played by Chloe Bennett

    Jim Cheung
  • James Buchanan Barnes/Captain America, etc

    Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

    Joined the team in Avengers vol. 4 #1 (May 2010)

    Cyborg Sentinel of Liberty

    Winter soldier, summer sausage

    Played by Sebastian Stan

    Alex Ross
  • Maria de Guadalupe Santiago/Silverclaw

    Created by Kurt Busiek and George Perez

    Joined the team in Avengers vol. 3 #30 (July 2000)


    Definitely was an Avenger at one point, we double checked

    George Perez
  • Matt Hawk/Two-Gun Kid

    Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

    Joined the team in Avengers #174 (August 1978)

    Cowboy lawyer

    But aren't they all, am I right? Am I right?

    Rick Burchett
  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man

    Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

    Joined the team in Avengers #329 (February 1991)

    Webslinger, wallcrawler, spider-senser

    Friendly. Local.

    Played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield

    Marcos Martin
  • Shiro Yoshida/Sunfire

    Created by Roy Thomas and Don Heck

    Joined the team in Uncanny Avengers #5 (February 2013)

    Plasma powers

    Even got dumped by Big Hero 6

    John Cassaday