While comics (like most things in the English language) are usually written with the traditional Roman alphabet of ABCs, there's always been a surprisingly strong showing of Greek letters as well -- the Alphas, Betas, Gammas, and Omegas that have made their way into the names of countless heroes, villains, secret bases, and superpowers. In recognition of this classic influence on comics, ComicsAlliance would like to take our readers on a guided tour of every comic book writer's (second) favorite alphabet: the Greek alphabet. So get out your togas and prepare for the 2010 ComicsAlliance Greek Alphabet Book, for the (Greek) child inside you.

A is for Alpha Primitives, Inhuman slave race rough and coarse;

B is for Beta Ray Bill, thunder-god with the face of a horse.

Γ is for Gamma radiation, a metaphor for unlocking repressed desire;

Δ is for Delta Force, a team of Deviants forgotten entire.

E is for Epsilon, solar-powered combat robot that's pacifist inside;

Z is for the teleporting Zeta Beam, Adam Strange's unpredictable ride.

H is for Etta Candy, only slightly less offensive than Egg Fu;

Θ is for Thetans, alien volcano spirits tormenting you.

I is for Iota, stuck in DC's Milestone Limbo;

K is for Kappa, enemy of lagomorph Usagi Yojimbo.

Λ is for Lambda-Zero, Galactus's herald who likes to kill;

M is for the MU, an extension of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's will.

N is for Nu, comics' favorite prefix to boost sales will go higher;

Ξ is for Weapon XI; that movie that was dire.

O is for Omicron, Greg Land's only expression of surprise or joy;

Π is for Pi, used to calculate the volume of Bouncing Boy.

Ρ is for 'Rho, hey look, Claremont de-aged her in his new joint;

Σ is for Sigma, I think there was a Mega Man comic at some point?

T is for Tau, the symbol Mr. Terrific wears on his face;

Y is for Upsilon - I'll blame its absence from "Y: The Last Man" on space.

Φ is for Phineas, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brother;

Χ is for Shang-Chi, whose villain exoticizes the Other.

Ψ is for Psimon whose mind cuts like a knife;

Ω is for Omega, the Death That Is Life!