Have you ever pondered what a Frank Miller story might look like if it were animated in a South Park style gone gritty? That's approximately the tone that French artist Grégoire Guillemini seems to be going for in his series of super-powered paper characters. By blending some serious typography play and simple faces, he's managed to create some fearsome Hulk, Wolverine and Hellboy pieces.Guillemini's portraits can be found in a gallery he's posted on his Behance Network account. His Hit-Girl looks like it could cut itself right off the page without any help, and Batman and Darth Vader are the products of some ingenious layout work.

Ultimately, though, these images may just make you want to see Wolverine rip through South Park, Colorado, which, let's face it, would make for a mighty incredible episode. Eric Cartman with a little gamma radiation could be a formidable foe.

[Via Gamma Squad]