Should you be one of the geographically challenged who lives a universe away from any of the 12 7-Eleven stores temporarily redesigned as Kwik-E-Marts around the U.S. -- one of several ginormously, clever promotions for The Simpsons Movie -- last month, you're in luck.

You can still pose in front of the quintessential landmark of Simpsons' mythology -- Moe's bar wasn't available, unfortunately -- with the aid of the Simpsonizeme, a Web site named for what it can and will do to you, if you dare let it!

All you need to play is a digital color image of yourself, preferrably a 5X7 in a jpg or png format, and with lots of contrast that you can upload to the site (co-sponsored by Burger King and 20th Century Fox), which sounds kinda strange to me, especially if you want to experiment with mustard-colored skin and a George Washington-style hairdo, as I did below.

Simpsonized Wayne

Of course, yellow doesn't do much for my Ms. CEO, especially with the grey dome, which is why I stayed conservative for her 15 seconds of Simpsons fame. There's plenty of room to play with images of your bestest boss, worst enemy, pop stars, football players and presidential wannabees.

Not sure how long will be sticking around, although still brisk Net traffic prevented me from uploading images and writing about it earlier in the week. So don't wait too long...