Even Muppets can feel pain, and feel pain they do in in the classically styled paintings of Hillary White. If you think you recognize her work, it may be because she's a prolific creator of Threadless entries. She seems to have a thing for taking old-school puppet or cartoon characters and killing them off, but she occasionally opts for peaceful humor as well.
Over on White's Flickr gallery, for instance, you'll see that she's envisioned an alternate bloody ending to the Tootsie Pop scenario we've all seen a thousand times. In another instance, Boba Fett appears to have taken out Falkor (or maybe they're friends, I can't tell). In yet another scene, though, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch laugh over Kermit the Frog's inanimate body.

However you feel about the tortuous acts she makes her subjects suffer through, you have to admit she knows how to draw and paint the plushy heck out of them. Don't agree? Scroll on down below and be convinced.