Hitler's cinematic breakdown in "Downfall" has served as a pretty humorous backdrop for social commentary over the past few years. Barring fluency in German (this is the only instance where I'm actually happy my two years of high school German have faded from my databanks), the meme's retained its relevance because the freakout of a genuinely evil man harnesses the subtlety needed to successfully communicate multiple perspectives in today's grim n' gritty society. Or something.

Anyway, one YouTube user put the meme to use regarding Marvel's controversial "comics-for-comics" promotion and it's pretty dadburn funny.

We've heard from retailers, we've heard from fans, but now we have Hitler's take on the situation. Turns out he's a big DC guy and he doesn't much enjoy getting burned by the direct market. After all, shouldn't casual readers be able to waltz into a shop and pick up what they want without much fuss?

Check out the partially NSFW video (there's some salty language in the subtitles) after the jump...

I wonder what Captain America thinks?