Oily Comics
Available From: Oily Comix Website
Price: $20 for a Three Month Subscription, for a total of 15 mini comics

We've spotlighted the comics of Charles Forsman in the past. His work on The End of the F***ing World, recently released in a collection from Fantagraphics, ranks among our favorite books of 2013. But in addition to his own work, Forsman runs Oily Comics, a mini comics publisher which has produced work from creators like Michael DeForge, Melissa Mendes, Jessica Campbell, Alex Kim, and Forsman himself, among others.

And Oily Comix offers a subscription service, which is not only a way to make sure you don't miss out on some quality comics, but also a great way to support a small publisher.


For $20 you get a three month subscription to every mini-comic released in that span, which amounts to 15 total, or five per month. Forsman sweetens the deal a bit by sometimes throwing in postcard or risograph prints from an Oily cartoonist.

For a look at some of the work currently being published, head over to the Oily Comix website.


Charles Forsman


Melissa Mendes


Charles Forsman