"Do you bleed?" It's easily one of the more ridiculous things Batman has ever said in print or on film. Especially when you throw on that weird robot voice filter that Batfleck is using to disguise his identity. Still, as convoluted as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice looks, and weird as some of the decisions on the direction on the film have been, there are some things BvS appears to be getting right. Though the main batsuit looks like a duct tape and Ace bandage nightmare, the armored suit Batman dons to take on the Man of Steel looks rather impressive and pays proper tribute to The Dark Knight Returns. Its transition to toys has been better than the standard suit, too, as this new Hot Toys figure can attest.

The regular Batman figure from Hot Toys BvS line looks like someone stuffed Ben Affleck into a few garbage bags, then filled out the extra space with sweatsocks. He looked lumpy and not at all like an actual human being. Here, that problem is alleviated by the form-fitting armor. You don't have to worry about the fabric suit, and the machined pieces bring a refined genius to the look. Batman's been around the block. He saw things when he still wore the traditional outfit of his youth, and this armored get up isn't just a deterrent against Superman, it's the only way the aging normie can stand toe-to-toe with an adversary that isn't in his 50s. All the while, the suit is wholly in line with Batman's aesthetic, and won't be mistaken for some other hero's style.

The only drawback to all that armor as a figure is the lack of articulation. Even just by looking at these pictures, you can already see how limited this Batman will be in his movement. That's not such a bad thing when you can clearly get him into a standing pose ready to fight, but for a few hundred dollars, it would nice if this figure had as much movement as other Hot Toys pieces. Still, I can't front on that sculpting job and paint app. This figure is pretty damn impeccable in that regard, but that's always been a strength of Hot Toys' collectibles.

There will be two mouths to swap around underneath that helmet, which itself will have light-up eyes. Hot Toys has been giving its Batman figures alternate jawlines for as long as it's been making them, but it's certainly not a feature that elevates this figure in any way. It's a rather superfluous accessory, kind of like the grenade launcher Batman wields for some reason. Oh that's right; in the new DC Cinematic Universe, the producers believe Batman is capable of killing. Sigh. That doesn't really have an impact on my opinion of the figure, but it sure is weird to give Batman guns instead of more traditional non-lethal weapons.

Update: The Hot Toys Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Armored Batman is available for pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles now for $249.99. It is expected to arrive between August and October 2016.


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