Typically, we only get to see the end result of the effort sculptors and designers at Hot Toys put into each of the figures the company releases. As the company is overseas, getting a look behind the scenes is rare. Sometimes Hot Toys will share a quick pic on social media of an in-progress sculpt, but for the most part, we're all in the dark about the creative process in the studio.

As one of the more secretive companies in the game right now, it's a big deal whenever we're given a peek behind the curtain. Such is the case with this brief YouTube video from The Story (via Toy News International), a Korean news channel which featured an interview with Hot Toys' president, JC Hong. Originally released back in April, the video is only just now making the rounds, but still offers a small glimpse at the work and process each of Hot Toys' incredibly accurate and pricey figures goes through.

The Story focuses primarily on the Avengers: Age of Ultron figures, which Hong reveals were in progress since May 2014. We also get glimpses of the Robert Downey, Jr head sculpt from the 1/4 scale Iron Man MK XLIII figure. You can also see a Star-Lord and Obi-Wan being worked on, but there isn't much in the video behind head sculpts being worked out of clay. It's also revealed that each figure only gets a run of 20-30,000 pieces. That might seem like a large number until you realize that number is for global release.

The most interesting portion however comes from Hong's details on what figures are the top sellers for the company. The Black Widow is the biggest seller worldwide, with Iron Man and Spider-Man following close behind. Those numbers are a bit different just in Korea however, where Iron Man is the number one seller for Hot Toys, and Hulk bests Spider-Man for the third spot. At least now we have a definitive answer on the motivation behind why there are so many Iron Man figures constantly being released. It would be nice if there were as many Black Widows though if she's supposedly the most popular figure around the world.

If the video has inspired you at all to get a job with Hot Toys, don't bother checking the site for any openings. The company hires people based on online portfolios of existing work, and is always looking, but never makes note of when openings might happen. Let us know if you do get a job there though, so that way we have an in to get some of those figures ourselves.