Heroes get remembered, but legends never die - and when they do die, they get immortalized in plastic.

Such is the case for the Spartan warriors of "300," the Frank Miller-created graphic novel turned 2006 film by "Watchmen" director Zack Snyder. We've already seen action figure versions of King Leonidas, the traitorous and mutilated Ephialtes, and the vicious and battle-hungry Immortals. But those figures were created by NECA, the collectibles company responsible for some excellent figures such as this childhood-nightmare-turned-real-life-terrorizer Scut Farkus action figure.

But not even the arm-twisting Farkus could make Leonidas and his loyalists stay faithful to NECA. The cast of "300" is cheating on their original action figure makers by signing with Hot Toys, a Hong Kong-based action figure company with plenty of comic book and movie properties to its name already, such as Snyder's own "Watchmen" and Marvel's "Iron Man."There's a reason you'll remember Hot Toys - they're the same guys that put out this Joker action figure from "The Dark Knight," complete with the truly impressive/utterly horrifying Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS), which allows an action figure's eyeballs to move. Yep, pretty terrifying.

Hot Toys' "300" action figures are going to be crafted at the same scale as these "Dark Knight" toys, so it's all but guaranteed that they'll look exactly like their film counterparts. It's not guaranteed that the Leonidas figure's eyes will lock onto the millions of arrows that you and your friends shoot his way, but hey, it's worth a shot.