I've always wanted to visit Hong Kong, but that urge is hitting me particularly hard right now as Hot Toys' Iron Man CollARTible Expo is currently underway at the Miramar Shopping Center in Hong Kong from April 22 - May 9, according to Toy Cutter.

At the exhibition, Hot Toys will show off tons of "Iron Man 2" goodness, including a first-of-its-kind life-size War Machine statue and a display showcasing all of Hot Toys' Iron Man collectible figures for the first time under one roof.

But here's where it gets really crazy - Hot Toys has invited designers from all around the world to customize the Iron Man Mark III collectible figure into a wide variety of different thematic projects. Iron Man is already one of the most customizable characters throughout all of comic books, but trust me, you haven't seen anything like this. Check out some of the most impressive customizations after the jump, then feel free to book me a ticket to Hong Kong right away.

[Source: Toy Cutter]