Another week has gone by and we're still no closer to seeing any of the actual human characters whose faces aren't hidden behind masks from Hot Toys' upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens figure collection. That's okay though. The only thing people really care about is Stormtroopers and their various incarnations. So, it makes perfect sense that the latest sixth-scale soldiers to join up with the previously announced Stormtroopers and Snowtroopers are the Flametroopers.

The First Order's soldiers have comprised a great deal of the action figure reveals so far across multiple scales and sizes. The Flametrooper is a division we've not seen in films before, though given how specialized the Empire was and how the First Order appears to be, there were likely similar troops in the Imperial Army as it existed all those years ago. The Flametroopers have gained some significance as of late thanks to the prevalence of fire and flaming villages in the trailers for The Force Awakens. We don't know who or what they're burning down, or why for that matter, but we do know that they are rather good at their job given the propensity of flames in the five or so minutes of footage that's been released.

The Flametrooper looks good enough I suppose. The best look we've gotten at the character so far has been in action figure form, as the trailers haven't really stayed still on the fire-branding villains (or are they?) long enough to provide an adequate perspective. We basically have to trust that Lucasfilm is showing companies like Hot Toys and Hasbro all the right design documents to create the most accurate figures. There's no reason to think the Disney-owned company wouldn't, as that doesn't really benefit anyone. It just makes it hard to care about characters we haven't truly seen yet, no matter how well the figures are constructed.

One of these days we're going to get to see what characters like Rey, Finn, Poe and hell, even Han, Leia and Luke, look like in Hot Toys form. For now, we'll just have to settle for a whole lotta First Order.

You can pre-order the Hot Toys First Order Flametrooper from Sideshow Collectibles now for $234.99. The figure is expected to arrive in Q2 2016.


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