Hunted #1 coverPress Release

Broken Voice Comics ( is pleased to announce that it has today begun serialisation of the first issue of "Hunted", a four-part vampire-themed mini-series.

Written by BVC's David A J Berner and illustrated by UK animation artist Kyriacos Kyprianou, "Hunted" is set in a fictional Balkan country where the existence of vampires is not only fully recognized by the state but, provided they stay within their own designated communities, vampires are officially tolerated.

This unusual setting is home to Elena (affectionately known as Leni). "Leni is a young girl who ignores her mother's advice and ventures out into the woodlands that separate a human town from a nearby vampire village, explains Berner. "As the title suggests, finding her way back home again isn't going to be so easy and she'll be encountering some very interesting characters along the way – some of them human, some of them altogether more demonic!"

Kyriacos' stylish and atmospheric artwork perfectly complements the story's unusual setting. At times it hints at influences from Japanese manga but, fittingly enough, the over-riding feel of the comic is more akin to that of eastern European animation.

"Hunted" is the first BVC title to have a simultaneous launch both at the Broken Voice Comics website ( and, in a specially adapted version, as a download for mobile phones available from ROK Comics. A free trailer of the mobile phone version is available at the ROK Comics website now (