One frustrating aspect of the action figure community is the constant outpouring of variations on the same character. Toy Biz famously included a different Wolverine figure in every single "X-Men" assortment, leading to ludicrous versions of the character like "Monster Armor Wolverine" and "Savage Land Wolverine." It's the same deal with Batman and his various outfits, Spider-Man and his many accessories. These are characters that just can't be effectively retooled to an endless degree.

But with Iron Man - well, that's a horse of a different color.

In conjunction with the upcoming release of "Iron Man 2," Hasbro has launched a "Concept Series" of 3.75 inch Iron Man action figures that showcase some of the possible variations on Tony Stark's armor, even though these designs aren't necessarily featured in the film or the comic books. But when you're dealing with "Hypervelocity Iron Man" and "Deep Dive Iron Man," it's not quite as ridiculous a premise as it is with Wolverine and the others. Stark is extremely wealthy and his suits are contingent upon advanced, malleable technology. His wide array of suits is well-established, so this makes sense to me.[via Action Figure Pics]