I've never fully understood why some people use the word "cute" as a pejorative. Certainly, there are times when it's appropriate to say, "This is cute, but there's not much more to it than that." But many times, "cute" is just one component of a piece. "Cute" with a strong sense of color. "Cute" because it reveals a strong sense of play. "Cute" where you'd least expect it. Ian Andersen brings his cute-but-not-just-cute sensibility to silliness like the X-Men and their foes drawn as pigs to his richer scenes from Ursula K. Le Guin's Earthsea books. And there are psychedelic skeletal mice, hip teenage cats and satanic puppies in between.
Andersen keeps a diary comic, Citric Journal, on his Tumblr, and he's drawn more than his share of minicomics. When he isn't drawing minis or telling tales of cartooning, he's creating incredibly fun art, sometimes of the fan variety, sometimes with his own characters. The latter include fashionable felines and canines, including a few who worship the devil. You can see even more of his doodles, completed illustrations and paintings over at Flickr.