Avengers fans got an eye full of teaser images over the past weeks showcasing heroes from Marvel's main title, "Secret Avengers" and "Avengers Academy," but now Image Comics is trying its hand at the team promo game with parodies that cleverly announce a team book straight from the pages of Robert Kirkman's "Invincible."

"Guardians of the Globe" is headed to fans this August, although its unclear who the creative team will be as no info is listed on the mysterious teaser image aside from Invincible's quote.

After reading the most recent issue of "Invincible," it's hard to image how the frustrated hero might find his way back into his world's most respected team, but that's what makes a teaser a teaser after all.

If Invincible is going to formally join the Guardians, it'll be nice to see him take a less murderous role than his father. With Kirkman's Britt leading currently leading the team, the new series should be a cool opportunity to give the character more time to shine after the painful cancellation of his last solo series.

Check out the full-sized image after the jump and stay tuned to CA for more reveals as (if) they come.