Ever wondered how those iconic movie themes we love so much might sound like when put to words? The only thing that immediately springs to mind is Bill Murray's classic and hilarious version of the Star Wars theme, as performed by "Nick Winter" at a piano bar on Saturday Night Live.

If you enjoyed Winter's rendition more than a quarter-century ago -- yes, it has been that long -- I suspect you'll love these hidden treasures I found today via YouTube: Video and aural parodies of classic movie themes posted over the past year by a tenor who goes by the very non-musical name of Goldentusk.

My favorites -- yes, this is a comics-related Web site -- are Goldentusk's irreverent versions of the classic Batman and Superman themes originally composed by Danny Elfman and John Williams, respectively.

Besides, it's hard NOT to laugh when a curly-haired guy dressed in a tux and holding a rose sings the phrase, "You shot my parents" in four-part harmony. You be the judge, then check out Goldentusk's other non-superhero parodies: Jaws, James Bond and Back to the Future (No Huey Lewis and News theme music found here!).