Tony Stark is almost back on the big screen thanks to the impending arrival of "Iron Man 2," but certain fans will have a chance to embrace the Armored Avenger's adventures before the movie hits theaters thanks to two upcoming video game releases.

First, Marvel Entertainment announced today that an "Iron Man 2" game is launching on May 3 for iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads. Gamers can play as either Iron Man or War Machine to battle vicious enemies like Whiplash, Firepower and Ultimo across nine 3-D levels, including the Stark Expo and New York City. Good times!Next, European gamers have access to something that's sure to make every other geek on the planet rather jealous as an "Iron Man 2" mini-game is coming to the Audi space in Europe's PlayStation Home on April 29. Gamers can win a free T-shirt by answering "Iron Man" trivia at terminals throughout the Audi space. Additionally, the Top 10 scorers will earn a virtual Iron Man suit to keep. Also good times!

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