The release of Jon Favreau's "Iron Man 2" is still a ways away, but the recent trailer and various glimpses of Don Cheadle as War Machine - both in screen cap and action figure form - has Shellhead fans in an understandable frenzy.

While there's no immediate respite in sight, at least we can continue to stare at the pretty-and-mini pictures thanks to the "Iron Man" franchise's the latest carrot-on-a-stick: the 35th wave of Marvel Minimates, which focuses squarely on the cast of "Iron Man 2."

The lineup includes "two top secret Iron Man Minimates – one paired with the evil Whiplash and one paired with War Machine," according to Action Figure Insider. The other two-pack consists of an Army Builder from the film and either Pepper Potts or Happy Hogan, depending on which pack you come across.

Luckily, these Minimates are hitting shelves in April, at least a week or two before "Iron Man 2" shows up in theaters. That way you can sneak in your miniature action figures when you go see the movie. I suspect that mini-Don Cheadle will be blown away by his own performance. Unless he's too busy getting his popcorn money stolen by evil mini-Mickey Rourke, that is.