Even though retailers like The Big Bad Toy Store have had drones from the fourth wave of the "Iron Man 2" 3.75" movie line available for preorder for some time, collectors hadn't been able to get a decent look at the action figures until an eBay seller let loose some packaged and unpackaged shots of the mechanical menaces last week. The fact that they're missing light-up LED heads aside, they look pretty promising.

The 3.75" drones look to have retained their distinctive looks from the IM2 film, with the Air Assault Drone and Weapon Assault Drone (also known as the Tactical Assault Drone in the Diamond Select Minimates line) showcasing their appropriate color schemes and accessories. No word on whether the Ground Assault or Sea Assault drones will round out the line, but one can hope.Both of the drones, along with the rest of the IM2 wave 4 toys were originally estimated for a June release, but it appears it may be a little longer before fans can readily get their hands on something substantial for their Iron Man and War Machine toys to smash.

[Via Marvelous News]