Celebrating "Better living through technology," the Stark Industries International Technology Exhibition a.k.a. Stark Expo 2010 is coming to New York on May 7. That's according to the newly launched "Iron Man 2" Stark Expo viral Web site at least, which promotes what seems to be a key backdrop from at least one of the upcoming motion picture's scenes.

Both the previous Stark Expo of '74 hosted by Tony's dad and the upcoming expo of 2010 have a World's Fair vibe about them right down to their mutual locations, showcasing the technology of tomorrow today - complete with blatant corporate sponsorships which may or may not find their way into the "Iron Man 2" film the way Burger King did in the first IM outing.

All snark aside, the concept art and 3-D expo map are slick and pretty fun to look at. At first glance there don't seem to be an overwhelming amount of clues as to IM2's plot, but sharper eyes (or perhaps hindsight) could change all that once the film hits on May 7. Or, if you feel like flying to Australia, April 29 - It's what Tony Stark would probably do.