Despite occasionally taking a step or two on the dance floor to woo the ladies, Tony Stark has typically been defined by his love of the (spiked) punch bowl more than a particular interest in busting moves. Perhaps sensing an imbalance between Stark's boozing and dancing, the makers of "Iron Man Dance," have gifted the blogosphere with hilarious repulsor powered grooving.

Thanks to filmmaker Kirby Ferguson, viewers can live the fantastic visual bonanza as many times as it takes to fulfill their individual armored dancing fantasies. The director has made a name for himself creating viral videos like the "Iron Man Dance" and has parlayed his expertise into a development deal with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation with a new project entitled "Everything Is A Remix."

The "Iron Man Dance" was filmed in New York City's Prospect Park, a place known more for its pigeon poop and homeless population than dancing superheroes. This Iron Man, which is clearly not a man, is played by Kirby's female friend Jazz according to the video's description on Vimeo.

See Iron Man boogie down yourself below: