The Avengers' all-star lineup continues to shape up as the newly-armored Iron Man makes his first official appearance in team advertising for May's "Avengers" #1 relaunch by Brian Bendis and John Romita Jr.

As one of a select few images of the Armored Avenger's new ride, Romita's retained "Iron Man" movie designer Ryan Meinerding and IM comics scribe Matt Fraction's ergonomic look despite his sometimes beloved blocky style.

But even though he's rocking a new suit, Tony's penchant for futurism seems ever present. Let's hope he sheds the hubris associated with it prior to the upcoming "Heroic Age." I'm sure the folks in the Marvel Universe wouldn't mind better laptops, but it could be awhile before they trust Starktech not to get infected by alien viruses. Plus his friends might not be too fond of his sometimes unconventional wisdom (like locking them in the Negative Zone).

Iron Man's just the latest addition to an Avengers lineup that includes Captain America (Bucky) and Spider-Woman. Thor's a shoe-in to round out the "big three," but there's no telling if big guns like Spider-Man, Wolverine and Hawkeye will be back. Fans will have to stay patient given the possible casualties in "Siege."Latest shots of Iron Man: