*Warning: It's that time again, boys and girls! Spoiler alert for "Blackest Night" is in full effect!*

I am admittedly a little bit behind on my "Blackest Night" reading, so imagine my surprise when I saw that something not-so-fantastic happens to Wonder Woman over the course of Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis' miniseries. Even more surprising, I found out by way of an action figure.

Although Wonder Woman had been mentioned previously as an addition to the fourth wave of "Blackest Night" action figures from DC Direct, images of the figure itself weren't yet available. Now, thanks to the kind masters of Toy News International, it appears that the secrecy was well worth it, as you can see below...

And even better after the jump...

...Wonder Woman is a Black Lantern.

Although, as it turns out, she's not a Black Lantern for very long. I'm told that in today's sixth issue, Wonder Woman shakes off the deathly power to become a Star Sapphire. Trading death for love - I can dig it.

But I guess that begs a question or two. If Wonder Woman isn't even a Black Lantern for an entire issue, why is she deserving of her own Black Lantern action figure? Aren't there other characters that could get that treatment sooner? I won't complain on the subject too much, since this toy looks fantastically cool, but it's still a little bit confusing to me.