It's probably safe to say that most ComicsAlliance readers (and contributors for that matter) aren't like James Bond - in other words, we're not all British globetrotting super spies who regularly spit in Death's eye and consequently get the best looking girls and/or guys in the sack at the end of the day. But that's not to say that we couldn't be like that one day.

For this reason, I take issue with GeekChicDaily's assertion that the upcoming line of James Bond Barbie Dolls - a trio of toys including Honey Ryder ("Dr. No"), Pussy Galore ("Goldfinger") and Jinx ("Die Another Day") - is the only chance that toy collectors will ever get "to take off Halle Berry's bikini."

I'm not saying that getting Halle Berry in bed is every fan boy and/or girl's fantasy, but really, is it such an out-of-reach goal? There's no telling what the Oscar-winning actress looks for in a prospective lover, no information regarding how high or low her standards are - after all, she did make "Catwoman" - so I'd like to think that we all have an equal opportunity of wooing Ms. Berry.

If nothing else, we in the fan community should be encouraged to always shoot for the moon, as even if we miss, we'll land amongst the stars - or amongst Bond's sloppy seconds, which is just as well.