If The Archies can have their own band, then why not the X-Men as well? Artist Jamie Roberts has pondered that exact question in a series of instrument-laden pieces he's made featuring Beast, Nightcrawler, Storm and Wolverine. Last year, Roberts won us over with his jellybean-shaped Deadpool, and this year he did it again with his pink and blue musical mutants.Logan and his pals can be seen ripping it up on Roberts' deviantART account. Banshee alone must be worth the price of admission, but Beast's drum-bashing and Nightcrawler's stage leaps really elevate this group's potential to Gwar levels of entertainment potential.

And if closeup portraits are more your style, Roberts has been hard at work making more of those as well. Grifter, Ultron and Spider-Man 2099 have all received his zoomed-in digital illustration treatment. Cower before Superman's heat vision and Ultron's crackling bubble breath after the jump, where you'll find a few samples.

[Via Tumblr]