Given the explosion of anime and manga since the '60s, it's fair to say a lot of American otaku celebrate their nation's relationship with Japan on a regular basis with their entertainment dollars. This exchange is owed, in part, to the the US and Japan's political and military alliance, which one manga publisher is set to celebrate starting today with a new manga (we were hoping for giant robots, but kids will do).

Originally reported over at the Anime News Network, The United States Armed Forces will be collaborating with the creators of the "Maritan" manga to create a new series of books titled "Watashi-tachi no Domei - Eizoku-teki Partnership" ("Our Alliance - A Lasting Partnership"). The first book of the four-issue series will hit stores today (but only in Japan, sorry otaku) and follows the adventures of a Japanese girl named Anzu Arai and her visiting American pal, Usa-kun -- we're guessing that's a bit of word play there -- as they celebrate the magical "50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan.""Maritan" writer "Col. Ayabe" will handle the writing chores on the project, and is joined by several "Maritan" illustrators. The series has made quite a name for itself in Japan as a manga/CD set that teaches Japanese folks how to talk like a U.S. Marine (which apparently includes profanity). Great, it's not enough that they get all of the best gadgets, now they're gonna be able to drop F-bombs better than us too?! Come on, America, we've gotta step up our game!

[Via ANN]